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Morgan County School District - Berkeley Springs, West Virginia - Public School District

Phone - 304-258-2430
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Morgan County School District School District

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Morgan County School District Reviews

from: Susan E Shick | submitted: Jan 16, 2012
I moved here right before my daughter started kindergarten. I now have a son and daughter in the Morgan County School System and I would like to mention that our family appreciates and does not take for granted the excellent school board we have and a Superintendent that goes above and beyond and can relate to families with children, as he has a family of his own. Mr. David Banks is the best asset to our education system in quite a while. I hope it continues!!!

Morgan County School District School District Data
County of Location: Morgan
Number of Schools in This District: 11
Student/Teacher ratio: 15.3
Total Students Pre Kindergarten - 12 Grade: 2,564
Total Males: 1,325
Total Females: 1,239
American Indian Students: 3
Asian/Pacific Islanders : 5
African Americans: 27
Hispanic: 22
White: 2,507
Total Staff: 316
Fulltime Teachers: 174
Ungraded Teachers: 28
Pre Kindergarten Teachers: 0
Kindergarten Teachers: 9
Elementary Teachers: 86
Secondary Teachers: 51
Elementary Guidance Counselors: 3
Secondary Guidance Counselors: 4
Total Guidance Counselors: 6
LEA Administrators: 2
School Administrators: 10
LEA Admin Support Staff: 16
School Admin Support Staff: 3
Student Support Services Staff: 6
Other Support Staff: 65
Library Media Support Staff: 0
Librarians Media Specialists: 4
Instructional Aides - Total: 26
Instructional Coordinators: 4

Morgan County School District School District Headquarters Map